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Haskel AGT Booster Pump


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Haskel AGT Two Stage
Two Stage Model 'AGT' boosters provide efficient means of boosting to a high compression ratio since the ratio per stage is low. Maximum outlet pressure with these models is drive area ratio times air pressure PLUS supply pressure times area ratio of the two gas pistons. Since these models have interconnected gas pistons, they multiply supply pressure during the 'interstage' stroke by the area ratio of the two gas pistons. If supply pressure is too high, the booster may have 'interstage stall' at an outlet pressure substantially less than that obtainable on the 'output' stroke. The selection that shows the maximum supply pressure as a factor times Air drive pressure. This limitation does not apply if outlet pressure is less than the 'maximum supply' times the area ratio of the two gas pistons.

Hydraulics International 5G


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Hydraulics International
Hydraulics International 5G-TS-14/75 Booster Pump is a Two Stage, Single Drive Booster Pump with 13,830 psi Max Outlet Pressure and 150 psi Min Inlet Pressure both based on 95 psi Drive.
An air (or gas) driven gas booster has a continuously reciprocating drive piston section directly connected to one or two gas boosting sections. The drive section includes a four-way air cycling valve and dual air pilot valves to provide the continuous reciprocation. Normally, start/stop control is accomplished by cutting off drive- or pilotair input.
The Maximum Gas Section Pressures vary by model. The Maximum Drive Section Pressure is 150 PSI for all models.

Nuvair 26 NUV-8044.6 Open High Pressure Air Compressor


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The Nuvair 26 Open High Pressure Air Compressor package is designed for high use in hot, humid conditions and is rated for continuous duty use up to 6000psi. It has the MCH36 four stage compressor block with a 26.4SCFM charging rate. Purchase, maintenance and operation costs are significantly lower than similar sized compressors in the market place.


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Esybox Max is an integrated pumping system for water pressurization in commercial building service. It is composed of modular elements that allow different configurations: single, double, triple or quadruple system are possible, to cover the needs of medium/large condominiums and high buildings (even over 14 floors). Each unit consists of the hydraulic connection base and the pumping unit which includes an electronic vertical multi-impeller pump, display, Wi-Fi module, pressure sensors, non-return valve on delivery and an expansion tank. The innovative support base of the pumping unit and the wireless communication between the pumps make it possible to assemble the unit directly at the installation site (O.S.A. concept) even by one person. The variable frequency drive keeps the pressure constant according to the request and also thanks to the water-cooled permanent magnet motor, it allows greater efficiency, silence and energy savings. Compatible with the DConnect service.


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E.sybox is a patented booster system, unique in its category, with high performances, efficient, compact, easy and satisfying in the use both for the installer and the final user.

When e.sybox mini is the solution for water boosting in small dwellings, e.sybox offers the same advantages in collective residential applications, such as villas or condos.

Wireless technology allows to set up booster sets up to 4 pumps.


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EMV Series
EMV/S/K series are vertical multistage, Stainless Steel construction,
inline pot position with flange designed according to DIN or ANSI 16.5B standard or Victalulic coupling.
Standard pumps are fitted with motor according to IEC,
with motor efficiency Class EF1; EF2 or NEMA frame upon request.
All Pumps are fitted with cartridge type mechanical seal for easy
chage out without removing motor and adapter or the pipes (EMV32 and above)
and Laser Weld impeller for strength and material intagrity(EMV20 and Above)

EILM Series

EILM series vertical in-line centrifugal pump is designed, according to EN733/DIN24255.
The pumps are applicable for clean water, with wide range
of application from water supply, environmental machinery,
irrigation, mines, air-conditioning, fire fighting, and cooling
towers. We have incorporated extra ball bearing near the Mech
Seal to increase stabilities and strength. This allow pumps to
operate at a wider range without affecting the seals and the
motor bearings life due to vibration.
The closed coupled, stub shaft design allows for quick
alignment of motor and pumps, at the same time allowing user
all over the world to use their preferred motor brand purchased
locally. We uses motor according to IEC standard.


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This is an example of API 610 Process Pump Packages from Pumpworks that comprised of a typical pump and motor with minimal controls, simply mounted on either cast iron, channel steel, or fabricated baseplates.

This packaged pump systems are comprised of one or more pumps and motors with valves. They feature more complex control panels than the basic pump packages and may include any of the following components in any combination:


Piping Headers


Complex Pumping Controls

Pressure gauges

Flow/Pressure Meters


All Wiring

Testing Services

Systems are typically mounted on specially fabricated baseplates or skids as per customer specifications.

Chemical Injection Skid in Singapore

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Chemical Injection Skid in Singapore
Skid system that’s injecting precise rate of flow and pressure

There is a wide array of chemical pumps, one of those is metering pumps. A typical skid mounted pump comprises of a pumping unit, valves, strainers, filters, control panel, piping, and a driver. Along with a pumping system, a chemical injection skid is an equipment used to inject chemicals into the stream at explicit flow rates and predetermined pressures. Consisting of a tank strainer, a calibration indicator, a pump, pressure meters, a pulsation dampener, and other flow rates gauges, the chemical injection skid is dedicated to precision, measuring gas or liquid products, as well as flow rate. The construction of a chemical injection skid varies, as the material used will depend on the types of chemical that the industry utilises.

Metering Skids for Any Application
Custom chemical injection skids in Singapore tailored to your requirements

Functioning either continually or periodically, a chemical injection is highly versatile in that it is adept to various settings for various functions in the offshore and marine industry.

The metering skid is frequently used for the treatment of drinking water in municipal water supply facilities. Chemicals administered into the water serves to manage the pH level, mitigate biofouling in some industries, increase solubility limits and finally control mineral fouling in mining applications. They are also used in wastewater treatment facilities and also in various industrial and commercial water treatment applications.

At Winston Engineering, we design, build, and supply skids adapted to your specific requirements with complete adherence to all relevant local and international standards. With our end-to-end pump solutions, your projects will be seen to their completion with specialist engineers who are dedicated to delivering high-value services and customising chemical injection skids for organisations of all sizes and varying scopes in Singapore and beyond.

Quality Metering Skids Supplied in Singapore

Skid-mounted chemical injection systems with high accuracy and repeatability
Winston Engineering offers a custom solution with exceptional dosing accuracy for any chemical injection packages. Every component of the metering skid, from the mixers to the dosing pumps, are designed to support seamless integration regardless of application or specialisation. We supply skid mounted chemical injection skids throughout Singapore and APAC. Contact us for more information.

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